Subwatershed studies


Watershed planning -- also known as subwatershed planning -- is a method of managing ground and surface water systems through engineering and land-use planning that is based on ecology and wise resource management.

The City of Kitchener works with the GRCARegion of Waterloo and various other public agencies that have jurisdiction in a watershed when undertaking our subwatershed planning processes.

Kitchener's subwatershed planning program began after the successful completion of the Strasburg Creek master watershed plan -- the first watershed plan in the province.

Watershed planning
A watershed planning program will normally include:
  • Stormwater and floodplain management
  • Protection of the integrity of both hydrological and hydrogeological functions.
  • Conservation of wetlands and woodlands.
  • Maintenance, or enhancement, of fish habitat.
  • Conservation and restoration of ecologically functional natural features and corridors.
  • Land-use planning.

Retention of key natural heritage features and maintenance of the ecological processes of the watershed while planning for urbanizing land uses and landscape restoration, are integral to the watershed planning process.

Watershed plans are often implemented through the incorporation of policies into municipal planning documents, including:

  • Official plans
  • Secondary, district or community plans and subsequent development applications
Kitchener subwatershed plans
Kitchener has also completed the following subwatershed studies:
  • Alder and Upper Strasburg Creek
  • Blair, Bechtel and Bauman Creeks
  • Doon South Creek
  • Laurel Creek watershed
  • Strasburg Creek watershed

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