Site plans


Site plans ensure the most important elements of a property - such as building location, scale and massing, driveways, parking, stormwater management, sewer and water lines - are considered before certain types of land development take place.

Before making improvements to a property, you may have to apply for a site plan.

We require a site plan application if you are planning to:

  • Construct a new building or addition
  • Undertake major building renovations, which substantially increase the size or usability of a building or structure
  • Establish a commercial parking lot
  • Making alterations to an already approved site plan

Site plan applications are not required for construction of:

  • A single-detached dwelling
  • A semi-detached dwelling
  • A duplex
  • A farm building

A full site plan application can achieve approval in principle in six to eight weeks. The timing for clearing conditions to obtain final approval varies depending on the complexity and nature of the application.

Approval types

There are three types of site plan applications:

  • Full Site Plan: Projects such as a new building or structure, major additions or building renovations or a commercial parking facility.
  • Stamp Plan A: Projects such as minor additions to an existing building, streetfronting townhouses and temporary sales centres fall under this category.
  • Stamp Plan B: Projects that either already have an approved site plan, or include lands covered by a development/site plan agreement that's already registered against title.

A pre-submission consultation is required prior to a Full Site Plan submission and may be required prior to a Stamp Plan A application.

 2019 Application forms & fees

Additional resources

You may find the following resources useful during the site plan process:

Consultants' forms

Consultants submitting plans must also complete the applicable site development works notification forms:

Additional information is included in our urban design manual. For more information, please contact us at 519-741-2426.

Digital Submission process

We have developed the following standards for submitting digital planning application drawings:

  • Create a standard title block file, proportionally scaled to fit the site plan application drawing. A microstation format file is also available upon request. For help, please review our site plan title block instructions.
  • Submit a legible, letter-sized hard copy of the submission contained in the provided title block, along with the required large-size hard copies of the proposed site plan.

If a parkland dedication plan is required, in addition to a site plan application, please use our
parkland dedication plan template, which should be proportionally scaled to fit the site plan application.

For more information on digital submissions, please contact us at 519-741-2200, ext. 7851.

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