Our community is fortunate to be made up of heritage buildings, properties and neighbourhoods that have stood the test of time - and it's our collective responsibility to conserve and protect them.

For our part, this includes:

  • Listing non-designated properties of cultural heritage value or interest on the Municipal Heritage Register.
  • Designating properties under Part IV (individual) or Part V (heritage conservation districts) of the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Identifying significant cultural heritage landscapes and implementing strategies to conserve them.
  • Conserving properties during the heritage planning process.
  • Working with the Heritage Kitchener committee on matters involving conservation of local publicly and privately owned cultural heritage resources.
  • Developing self guided walking tours in heritage districts. One of the best ways to explore is by walking through our neighbourhoods and visiting the places that have helped shape our city.

We also support property owners in helping to conserve the past by:

Heritage Planning

The Ontario Heritage Act allows us to identify, list and protect cultural heritage resources, while the Planning Act enables us to adopt Official Plan objectives, policies and procedures related to the conservation of cultural heritage resources.

To conserve cultural heritage resources, we may require:

  • A heritage impact assessment to evaluate the proposed development or site alteration and show the cultural heritage resource will be conserved.
  • A conservation plan to identify short-, medium- and long-term protective measures.

For more information about heritage planning, heritage impact assessments and conservation plans, please:

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