Get a locate before you dig


Whether you're planning to dig on your property using a small shovel or a giant excavator, you must locate all of your utility lines before breaking ground.

Spending a bit of time gathering this critical information can protect your safety - and the safety of your loved ones and neighbours.

Plus, in Ontario, it's the law. By making the right calls and learning where you can - and cannot - dig, build and excavate, you'll avoid significant legal consequences.

Your one-stop locate shop

Ontario One Call is your one-stop shop for all of your required locates. No need to worry about contacting all of your utility providers individually; Ontario One Call will do the work for you by arranging to locate all of the lines that may be affected by your dig and clearly marking the utilities so you'll know to avoid digging in those areas.

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And please remember - obtaining necessary permits is your responsibility. Contact our building division at 519-741-2433 for more information on permits.


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