Development charges


Kitchener is an attractive place for land developers - and properly planned growth in our city is good for everyone.

But, with new development comes the cost to maintain the infrastructure needed to accommodate the new development, including roads, water and sewer infrastructure, community centres and fire protection.

Development charges help cover those costs to help ensure minimal burden is put on you - the taxpayer. Check out this video, 'the world of development charges,' or review our 2014 development charges background study to learn more.

Kitchener is currently in the process of updating its development charges background study and bylaw.

A public meeting regarding the update is scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, May 13. If you would like to register as a delegate for the meeting, please contact the Clerks office. Alternatively, if you would prefer to provide your questions or comments in writing, please contact Ryan Hagey (

How we determine development charges

The fees we charge are regulated by Ontario's Development Charges Act - a set of guidelines every municipality in the province must follow.

Background studies on every new development is conducted to determine the fees we'll charge. Each study includes:

  • A forecast of the number, type and location of planned housing units, population and non-residential development anticipated in the city.
  • The average capital service levels we've provided over the previous 10 years.
  • Future capital projects, which includes analyzing gross expenditures, funding sources and net expenditures that we've either incurred or will incur, to provide for the expected development.

Current Development Charges

Typically, new development-charge rates take effect on Jan. 1 each year. Our 2019 rates are as follows: 

                               Full services - central neighbourhoods Full services -suburban area

Partial services - suburban area 
(no sanitary sewer services)

Partial services -suburban area 
(no sanitary sewer or water services)
Residential development        

Single detached or semi-detached dwelling


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


or street townhouse dwelling


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


Multiple or 
duplex dwelling


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


dwelling unit


Lodging house


lodging unit


$3,519/ lodging unit


lodging unit


lodging unit


Non-residential development***        

Gross floor area 
of building


$18.01/ square metre ($1.67/ square foot) $59.60/ 
square metre ($5.54/ 
square foot)
square metre ($4.46/ 
square foot)
square metre ($4.31/ 
square foot)


***From now to March 1, 2019, industrial development will be charged 50 per cent of the non-residential development charge rate. After March 1, 2019, industrial development will be charged the non-residential development charge rate. For the purpose of determining the development charge, definition 2.9 (existing industrial building) will be used.

To determine our development-charge rates in your area, download the following maps:

You can also review our development-charge bylaw for more information. 


Other possible development charges

Please keep in mind, other local organizations also charge development fees:

How to pay your fees

We collect payment of all development charges - including our own and fees charged by the Region of Waterloo and the school boards -- when we issue each building permit. The rates charged are the rates in effect the day the building permit is issued.

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