Demolition control


The term 'out with the old, in with the new' often applies to property owners looking to remove old structures in order to build new on their land. However, this process must be carried out responsibly to protect the integrity of the property and ensure the old structure is not locally significant.

Having demolition controls in place enables us to prevent the premature loss of viable housing and the unnecessary creation of vacant land in our city.

You must receive approval if you want to demolish either a residential building or a former residential dwelling that has been converted to non-residential use, within our demolition control area. If your demolition project either falls outside of our demolition control area or meets our exemption criteria, you must obtain a formal exemption from our planning division.

 This flow chart walks you through our demolition control process. The demolition control / exemption application form contains more detailed information about the process and requirements. 

If our planning division approves your request, you must then apply to our building division for a demolition permit before you can remove the structure. For more information on demolition permits, please contact our building division at 519-741-2433.

Additional requirements

  • If you're planning to redevelop a property: A building-permit application and/or site-plan application should be submitted before or with your demolition control application.
  • If the property is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act: A heritage-permit application must be approved before your demolition control application will be considered.
  • If property is listed as a non-designated property of cultural heritage value or interest on the Municipal Heritage Register within the Ontario Heritage Act: City council must determine the heritage status of the property before your demolition control application will be considered.

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