Looking for a way to explore Kitchener and get active at the same time? Walk through our neighbourhoods and visit the places that have shaped our city. Self-guided walking tours give you the freedom to learn about our history, culture and diversity at your own pace.

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Audio walking tours

Do you want to engage with the urban landscape outdoors while learning about how the City of Kitchener has developed and will continue to grow and change? If so, we invite you to enjoy these pre-recorded, self-guided walking tours.

Want to stay indoors instead? That’s okay, too! Enjoy the audio recordings and follow along on the tour’s map without stepping outside!  

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Historical Civic Centre District

Time: approximately 45 minutes

Journey through one of Kitchener's oldest neighbourhoods, the Civic Centre Neighbourhood Heritage Conservation District. This area was home to many former mayors, doctors and people from key industries, including the Breithaupt family who helped transform Kitchener into the city it is today. This walking tour takes you through several streets adorned with large and intricately-designed homes and other buildings that showcase architecture from the late 1800s onwards.

Along the way, you'll also hear about: 

  • Kitchener’s largest library
  • Kitchener’s first courthouse and jail
  • the second oldest park, Hibner Park
  • late 19th and early 20th-century architecture
  • the Centre in the Square and KW Art Gallery, the Region's renowned acoustic space and leading public art gallery

Come along and explore this beautiful heritage district, which remains a very attractive place to live today.

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Victoria Park and Heritage Conservation District

Time: approximately one hour

Known to many as Kitchener's crown jewel, Victoria Park is a mix of timeless and modern beauty. Nestled in the heart of the city's downtown area, the park still houses many of its original features from back in 1896 when it opened. This walking tour will take you through the park and the surrounding heritage district, filling you in on Kitchener’s early history including how it got its name.

You’ll see the park’s celebrated clock tower, Roos Island and the original 1895 bridge, and hear the stories behind these sites. Along the way, the guide will also point out the oldest house in the city, Joseph Schneider Haus, and other homes that once belonged to prominent citizens from Kitchener's beginnings. You'll hear about the height of Kitchener's industrial development and the houses that were built for its workers.

Come along and explore the romantic landscape and Kitchener's early history with the Victoria Park and Heritage Conservation District walking tour.

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Printable tours

You can download a PDF copy of a walking tour to explore Kitchener:

City Hall

Visit City Hall in downtown Kitchener to explore the home of our municipal government. This walking tour will take you from King Street, through the first and second floor of City Hall, around the outside of the building and back out to where you began.

Download the City Hall tour guide


Walk through downtown Kitchener to see historic buildings and experience our cultural heritage. The tour’s first stop is St. Jerome’s College, across from City Hall on Duke Street.

Download the downtown tour guide

Mount Hope Cemetery

We operate seven cemeteries across Kitchener. Mount Hope Cemetery is our oldest active cemetery, with records dating back to the late 1700s. Walk through time and visit memorials to some famous Kitchener names, including Breithaupt and Schneider.

Download the Mount Hope Cemetery tour guide

Extraordinary Spaces – public art tour

These public art tours will take you through Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. Extraordinary Spaces showcases public art locations across Waterloo Region. Use the links below to download each guide.