City working to replace sluice gate at Victoria Park Lake

Posted On Thursday August 01, 2019

KITCHENER – During routine maintenance on Tuesday, staff became aware of an issue with a sluice gate used to control water levels at Victoria Park Lake, resulting in falling water levels. The sluice gate is part of the weir structure located near the intersection of Roland and David Streets. Further investigation into the issue determined that the sluice gate had deteriorated and must be replaced.

Since early Tuesday, staff observed water levels fall approximately 18 inches. On Wednesday, work began to prepare the site for repairs. Today, staff will proceed with the removal of three trees so workers can access the area.

A new sluice gate structure must be installed to allow staff to continue to manage the lake for its primary function - stormwater management. A temporary structure will hold back water near the sluice gate so the lake can continue to retain and control stormwater. In the meantime, the overall lake level will be reduced further by 3-5 feet. While lower water levels will be noticeable, enough water will remain so that swans, fish and other wildlife will not be affected.

Next steps

Staff anticipate a new sluice gate structure will be in place by the end of next week, weather permitting. Water levels in lake are expected to return to normal within 3 - 5 weeks after work has taken place –sooner if wet weather returns.

Repairs to the sluice gate will take place with limited disruption to the public. Residents on Roland and David Streets may notice increased traffic on Friday, Aug. 2 that will continue into the following week as repairs are ongoing. At times, use of water pumps may result in increased noise to the surrounding area, although their use will be minimized as much as possible.  

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