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2017 winter skate and pickup hockey/shinny schedule

All public skating times and schedules subject to change. Check back often or call 519.741.2699.

Weekend Public Skates FREE Weekday Public Skates Pick-Up Hockey / Shinny Rules For Public Skating Learn More About The Aud & Arenas


Weekend public skating (paid)

It's been a great season of weekend skating, enjoy your summer and we'll see you in the fall for more!


Thanks so much for a great season of free skating, thanks to Josslin Insurance! We'll see you in the fall.

Skating at the outdoor rink in Carl Zehr Square (FREE)

The outdoor rink in Carl Zehr Square, located in front of Kitchener City Hall, is closed for the season. It will re-open December 2017.


Adult pickup hockey/shinny presented by (Paid)

Pick-up hockey for players 18+.

It's been a great season of weekend skating, enjoy your summer and we'll see you in the fall for more!

Public skating guidelines

To accommodate other events, skating programs are sometimes affected. Reminders will be placed in facilities well in advance of such changes. Please check our skating schedule for updates and cancellations.

For casual ice rentals, skating parties, hockey parties or practices; as well as Lions Hall rentals (meetings, birthday parties, weddings, etc.), please call 519-741-2699.

Public Skating guidelines apply to all skating events where the public are invited to skate, including: shinny, public skating, family, senior and adult skates. This includes skating at The outdoor rink in Carl Zehr Square, Community Arenas, and the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex.

  1. Food & Beverage Consumption - is permitted in the arena lobby and spectator seating areas only.
  2. Games, Hockey Games or Hockey Sticks - No games are to be played at any time that will endanger the safety and/or enjoyment of others. This includes hockey games, or the use of hockey sticks.
  3. Keeping Pace - Avoid excessively fast skating and stopping (socializing), which could interfere with traffic flow.
  4. Shoes - No shoes allowed unless assistance is being provided to help tots to skate in the cordoned off area or during a family skating session.
  5. Skating Aids - Skating aids are available on a limited basis (please see arena attendant). Strollers, chairs, toboggans and wagons not permitted.
  6. Wheelchairs/Sledges - Wheelchairs, wheelchair skates and sledges are welcome on Municipal arenas and outdoor rinks. Individuals using these devices must travel in the same direction as the other skaters. Attendants/helpers are welcome to assist individuals however they must wear skates. Where there are admission charges to an arena for public skating, the attendant/helper is admitted at no-charge upon presentation of a PAL Card. To apply for a PAL Card and/or to reserve wheelchair skates and sledges, please contact 519-741-2220 ext. 7225 or TTY 1-866-969-9994.
  7. Use of Helmets - Helmets are recommended for all skaters.
  8. Carrying of Infants/Children - Children must not be carried by any means (e.g. sitting on shoulders, being carried in arms or carried in equipment such as "Snugglies" or in back packs).
  9. Sitting on Boards - Patrons may not sit on the rink boards at any time.
  10. Figure Skating - is permitted at the discretion of the arena attendant.

Parent and child pickup hockey/shinny guidelines  

Public skating fees apply. Goalies play for free.

  1. Parent & Child Shinny is for parents with children 12 and under.
  2. A skating adult must be present.
  3. Sticks and pucks permitted. Nets will be provided.
  4. Hockey play is unsupervised meaning no referees or timekeepers.
  5. Full CSA-approved hockey equipment required including helmets.
  6. Maximum 30 skaters on the ice at a time.

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