City of Kitchener


Stormwater Credit Policy

On Mar. 5, 2012, city council approved the stormwater credit policy. Staff is in the final stages of development of the application process and property owners will be able to start applying for stormwater credits in October 2012. 

The credit offers incentives to all rate payers who demonstrate best practices for managing stormwater runoff. Details of the process staff undertook to develop this credit program and the resulting policy can be found in the documents below.

Expected Policy Results

  • Stormwater will be diverted, resulting in long-term improvements in surface water quality.
  • Existing privately owned stormwater best management infrastructure (such as oil and grit separators) will be required to be maintained as a result of ongoing follow-up on credits and incentives.
  • Property owners implement best management practices and make choices that benefit the environment.
  • The community will be engaged and will have the opportunity to demonstrate ownership over greening their neighbourhoods.
  • The cities of Waterloo and Kitchener will demonstrate continued cooperation on the shared initiative to address water quality. General knowledge of stormwater issues by the public will be increased.