City of Kitchener

Leisure Facilities Master Plan Update

On Sept. 16, 2013 council unanimously approved the 2013 Leisure Facilities Master Plan Update. Recommendations from the updated plan will now be considered as part of the departmental business planning process.

The previous Leisure Facilities Master Plan (LFMP) was developed in 2005 and since then has been the guiding framework for the development of leisure services policies, service delivery and facility development.

This framework allows the city to provide a mixed array of accessible leisure participation opportunities that supports our diverse community and encourages community capacity building, resident health and well-being and strengthens the city's neighbourhoods.

As of October 2012, implementation of the recommendations in the LFMP has reached a point where 92% of the actions in the plan are complete, on track for completion or included in other master plans.

Staff, with the help of the consultant who developed the original master plan, is undertaking an update to:

  • Validate the relevance of, and update if necessary, the vision, mission, and values of the Leisure Facilities Master Plan (LFMP)
  • Confirm leisure services trends at local, provincial and national levels
  • Through consultation with stakeholders, investigate, review and update community priorities and expectations regarding leisure facilities and services
  • Create a framework to guide the development of leisure services and facilities through the next five (5) years considering available resources (staff and funding)
  • Make recommendations for the prioritization of funding for leisure facilities and services considering available resources
  • Investigate possible models for alternate financial partnerships/relationships with public and private sectors
  • Provide a document that can inform the development charges by-law update
  • Document any projects that arise from the updated LFMP in applicable business plans for future years
  • Align recommendations in the LFMP regarding leisure services, facilities and service delivery with the City of Kitchener Strategic Plan priorities
  • Provide an LFMP report and update to council for their consideration and approval

Get involved

Public consultation is a key element in the master planning process, especially when it comes to recreational and leisure services for residents.

As part of this process, the city conducted focus groups with service providers, community groups and advisory committees to solicit their input about leisure facilities priorities over the next five to 10 years. 

The city also gathered input from the community via a survey during the month of April 2013. Your feedback provided valuable information that was considered as staff and consultants prepared the updated master plan that includes recommendations for future recreational and leisure services and facilities.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the update or how you can get involved. Please contact Mark Hildebrand, director of community programs and services at 519-741-2200 ext. 7687.