City of Kitchener

Kitchener Blues Festival



Why is it that when living legends get the blues, the rest of the world is happy to listen?

You'll find the answer to this question and more at the annual
Kitchener Blues Festival, held every August in front of Kitchener
City Hall. The Kitchener Blues Festival will take place from August 8 - August 11, 2013.

What started out as a small, six-hour festival in 2001 that attracted a mere 3,000 fans has grown into a fun-filled three-day event, with tens of thousands making their way downtown to take in the performances.

Over the years, the festival has featured renowned blues musicians from all over North America - including greats like Jackie Washington, Eric Burdon and the Animals, David Wilcox, the late, great Jeff Healey and Kitchener's own, the late Mel Brown.

This year is sure to be no different, as we prepare to host another star-studded mix of talent!