City of Kitchener

Background Studies - Official Plan Review 

In addition to major policy directions that Kitchener has completed, such as the Plan for a Healthy Kitchener and the Strategic Plan for the Environment update, there were numerous master plans and studies that supported the preparation of our new Official Plan. These studies are listed in the chart below.

Background Studies

Comprehensive Review of Employment Lands (CREL)
The province's Places to Grow Growth Plan requires that municipalities conduct a comprehensive review of their employment lands. Employment can include a broad range of uses. For the purposes of this particular study, industrial-related uses are the focus. This study will inventory properties that are currently designated or zoned for industrial use and compare current and future lands with the forecast for these uses to determine if there are enough industrial lands in Kitchener and/or whether any lands can be converted to other uses.

Comprehensive Review of Intensification Areas (CRIA)
The purpose of this project is to further refine the information created in the Kitchener Growth Management Current Baseline Report, to implement Goal 2: Action 2 of the Kitchener Growth Management Strategy, to follow up on the Nodal Living (1999) Study, Commercial Policies Study (2000) and subsequent Municipal Plan Amendment #36. Specifically, this project is further investigating the role and function of mixed use areas such as nodes and corridors.

Commercial Policy Review (CPR 2)
This project is investigating specific commercial uses, such as retail and office, within various areas of the municipality. This study involves an inventory of existing commercial space and considerations to the future provisions of commercial uses in a growing municipality.

City-wide Sanitary Sewer Capacity Analysis
The City is conducting a modelling exercise of the capacity of the sanitary sewer system. This can enhance the information available for future rehabilitation and future forecasting related to growth in different areas of the city.

Transportation Master Plan (TMP)
The City is undertaking a plan to direct transportation objectives and initiatives for all modes of travel in Kitchener. This plan will determine how best to implement the Region of Waterloo's new Transportation Master Plan (Moving Forward 2031). Topics that are being considered include transportation demand management, the new cycling master plan, our pedestrian charter, movement along our trail network and local street issues.

Cycling Master Plan
The City is developing a Cycling Master Plan with the ultimate goal of creating policies, programs, design standards and infrastructure that support and promote both recreational and commuter cycling.

Parks Master Plan
The City is currently developing a Parks Master Plan which is intended to:

  1. Provide strategies and opportunities for the Planning, Conservation and Management of the park system;
  2. Bridge the gap between community needs and expectations and the current operating and development level of standards for parks;
  3. Create the framework for where resources (staff, budget and effort) should be allocated in order to build a vibrant healthy and liveable community.

Kitchener Natural Heritage Systems (KNHS)
This project is to recognize local, regional, and provincial natural heritage (environmental) features and systems. The study area will included all lands located within the city. The findings will be used to update City of Kitchener Official Plan mapping and policies.

Community Infrastructure Planning
The purpose of this project is to review Section 3.2.6 of Places to Grow Growth Plan and identify how community infrastructure is planned in Kitchener and where improvements may be required. Community infrastructure includes elements such as health, education, recreation, social-cultural and safety. This review is specific to land and buildings not programs/education. Although the municipality is not the primary service provider for many of these actions, the objective is to ensure that coordination is enhanced with land use planning.

Community Profile (Social/Housing/Demographics)
Planning staff are pulling together existing information regarding housing and demographic statistics about the municipality using 2006 Census and other available information. This will help form a profile of the various planning communities to provide background to the preparation of policies in the new Official Plan.

Review of "Green" Development Policies (RGDP)
The purpose of this project is to review existing Official Plan Policies regarding "green" development, including energy production and conservation, air quality, water conservation and waste management. The intent is to investigate matters that can be influenced at the local level.

Designated Greenfield Area (DGA) Assessment
This project involves further work to determine what the specific numerical target will be for the density (measured in persons and jobs per hectare) for new 'greenfield' subdivision.

Secondary Plans - Housekeeping Review
A minor review of the existing nine secondary plans will be conducted as part of this Official Plan Review. The intent is to prepare 'housekeeping' revisions and ensure that the policies do not contradict provincial or regional requirements. A comprehensive public review of all existing and any new potential Secondary Plans within the existing built area is scheduled to start in 2012 in advance of the Official Plan Review. The future comprehensive review may also include the preparation of Secondary Plans surrounding major transit station areas.

Rosenberg Secondary Plan / Southwest Urban Area Studies Community Master Plan 
The City has now received approval of the Rosenberg Secondary Plan, which implements the Community Master Plan for the South West Urban Area.  The Rosenberg Community is comprised of 430 hectares located in the southwest portion of the city along Fischer Hallman Road between Bleams Road to the north and Huron Road to the south. The area has been comprehensively planned for approximately 20,000 persons and will be a complete community that is transit supportable, walkable and respects the natural environment with a third of the lands protected from development.

Multi-use Pathways and Trails Master Plan 
A comprehensive study of trails throughout the City of Kitchener has been completed.  The final report and recommendations were approved by council on May 14, 2012. These recommendations will be used to inform the current Official Plan update. The complete report is available for viewing on the trails web page.